Jury duty at Hillsborough County Courthouse. Was achy from playing tennis on two days ago. Wasn’t selected. Was able to get some work done while waiting.

I was able to refactor the code so that ComputerPlayer contains all the logic of calculating the best move. Board is just a functional board with the responsibility of setting up the board and moving the pieces.

I use code coverage with simplecov. This was after I discovered that my rspec passed but threw an exception because of untested code. This was the second time (see 4/20/2013 post). It was untested due to aggressive use of stubs. I added those stubs because the tests were taking too long for certain calculations. I figured it was okay to stub those methods since it was being tested elsewhere. The problem happens when you refactor and methods aren’t where they’re supposed to be. The code coverage detected the gap. I also removed all stubs except for puts, print, gets.

As soon as I got home I fell asleep right away. It was really difficult to sit still on a hard bench while my body is aching. I just wanted to lie down the whole time. When I woke up, I tried out rspec-prof but I didn’t find it useful. The output intermingled RSpec and the TicTacToe code and I couldn’t make sense out of it.