I’ve been practicing TicTacToe in Ruby using TDD for the past few days. I finally got it down to under an hour (50 minutes actually). I posted a video of me coding it and I sped up the video about 3x so it comes in a little over 14 minutes.

I started doing the TTT when I boarded the plane for my Chicago trip (Tues). The flight lasted 2 hrs. I managed to write a TTT game in 1 hr 50 minutes but didn’t finish the user interface. The next day (Wed), I wrote it again, it took about the same amount of time, but I was able to finish the interface. On the flight back (Sat) I managed to do it in 1 hr 15 minutes. Today (Sun) I got it down to 50 minutes. I uploaded it to YouTube (my first video). It’s actually entertaining to watch it.

I thought of adding audio, but the tests seem to explain what I’m doing pretty well. The user can pause the video and figure it out themselves since the code is right there and each method is pretty short.

I’ve put the source code on Github.