I had a problem with my yahoo account for years. When I signed up for SBC Global Internet service from ATT, I merged my free account (chongkim@yahoo.com), which I had for years, with ATT’s account. It was all well and good until I stopped using ATT. I was still able to use my free yahoo account but I was not able to modify my password because it’s still linked to my ATT account. I wasn’t able to go to my ATT account because I don’t have service with them any more.

For years, I was stuck in this limbo. I googled my problem and saw that other people had the same problem with no solution. A couple of weeks ago, my account was hacked and someone sent spam to everyone on my contact list. Bummer. I can’t even change my password, so I just removed everyone on my contact list.

A miracle happened today. ATT suspended my yahoo account due to inactivity, and there on the webpage was the button I’ve been waiting for all this time. “Unmerge”. I unmerged my free account from ATT and now I’m able to change the password. I’m free!!!