I finished reading Programming Clojure by Stuart Halloway. It’s probably not the best book to learn Clojure if you’re just starting out. It’s probably a good book if you already have some knowledge and you want to go a bit deeper. The examples in the book is not as simple as it should be, although they are good programs to ponder if you have some idea of how Clojure works.

I’m reading Software Craftsmanship by Pete McBreen. I only got into a couple of chapters and it’s good to read about the history of how software engineering came to be and how it is inappropriate for today’s development environment. I’m reading through it and nodding along. I suppose things have changed in the programming world that most of the stuff mentioned in the book seem obvious.

My plan is to read the book and get ready for my next project. I will need to integrate ruby and clojure and make a Rails app of the Tic Tac Toe program.