I’ve been using MacPorts and I needed to install clojure. The one on MacPorts is old and Gavin Stark told me I should use Homebrew and get rid of MacPorts because it’s not up to date on a lot of stuff and suggested I start with a pristine /usr/local directory. So I blew away my MacPorts directory /opt and /usr/local and used installed mysql and postgresql. The only tricky part was that my MySQL Preference Pane is expecting to see /usr/local/mysql. I just symlinked that to current version of mysql

sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/mysql/5.6.10 /usr/local/mysql

and everything is back to normal. This may be a problem if I upgrade in the future. I may fix this by removing the symlink and make it into a real directory and symlinking the individual bin commands from /usr/local/mysql/bin to /usr/local/mysql/bin