Just added the Ace editor into my blog. It was quite an ordeal getting the content passed from the editor into the textarea so it can be processed by Rails. The trick was to set up javascript to copy the data from the textarea to the editor and then pass it back from the editor to the textarea on submit.

Finally determined that I have to precompile my assets before pushing out to heroku blog site. I have a little bit of texture for the background. Now that it is able to access the CSS and javascript, I can start doing something useful with it.

I installed a gem called taps. It allows you to easily import and export the database. Once installed, you type heroku db:pull. You can also do heroku db:push. I have my production and development databases synched up.

Funny thing happened today. In the morning, the person entering the room has to greet everyone else. I went around and bumped fists and shook hands. When I got to Megan, I didn’t recognize her because she changed her hair. It was darker and in a different style. I went to her and introduced myself causing the room to burst out laughing.